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An Important Message from
Licensed Psychologist & Minister, Dr. Barbara
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Are you longing for significant restorative change, refreshing stability, feelings of belonging, and to live a life full of the fierce fire of the Holy Spirit?
Dear Amazing Friend,

The painful cycles are ending now. Maybe you’ve tried different techniques or even church programs and bible study groups but still, you feel stuck and overwhelmed. You want relief. You want more of the promises fulfilled for your life.

I have revamped and recreated a Faith, Fire and Psychology Method™ to break you free of the strongholds and bonds holding you back from emotional stability, finding your full purpose, and an unhindered life of joy and peace. I know that what most people are doing right now isn’t working, and the answer to reign in your life is embedded within the Faith, Fire, and Psychology™ Method.

These cutting edge empowering and stabilizing tools are what you have been missing and will eliminate these destructive cycles once and for all. You are not alone anymore. Your relief is here.

This is what women of all ages are saying about this Journey
& how it is catapulting their lives forward...
Andrea struggled with feeling disconnected, alone, lost in her own mind. She knew something needed to change and felt that her childhood deeply embedded feelings of rejection and shame into her story. She found our Bible Studies on Fridays and began to press into her called reality! Andrea took the savage step of joining the Hearts Returning Home Journey and her testimony is so moving.
“When I joined the HRH Stability group, I was so broken and confused with life. From a child into adulthood, I have had a lot of rejection, disappointment, guilt, shame, hurt, and pain, in my life that I needed to be healed from. I felt stuck and disconnected, with no hope and no sense of direction. I was so broken and so wounded and so lost, that I did not know how to in my family or society anymore. In June 2020 somehow and some way, I came across Dr. Barbara's Live at five on FB, and I joined the WHW group and I started watching her every day. I wanted to know more about this lady and what she was teaching. I started attending her WHW Bible Study every Friday and I would watch her and Pastor Tim on Sunday evenings. She was so genuine, full of compassion and so good. It was her authenticity and her love for God, and his people, that had drawn me. I eventually joined the HRH Stability course, and my life has not been the same. In the HRH Stability Course, with the Faith Plus and the Psychology tools that is used in the course, I began to learn how to start taking control of my thoughts and what I allowed in my thought process and my environment. I became more aware of the negative thought patterns, the toxic relationships, and how to let go of things that no longer served me.”
– Andrea B. USA
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Danielle had always lived her life constantly on edge: frustrated and overwhelmed. The Devil spoke lies into her that she believed for years… She finally found freedom and shared her experience with us.
“I have found healing and tools on how to better manage life. Literally from where I was mentally and not knowing how to not bump out of the zone of tolerance and feeling like I didn’t like living life frustrated. this course (tribe) has been everything I’ve needed to get free from lies I’ve believed.”
– Danielle O. Ontario
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Ashley is one of our fierce fire girls who has worked through several classes of this Journey. She is pressing into her purpose and igniting the fire of God within her by taking each stage of the Hearts Returning Home Journey slowly & introducing healthy habits back into her life.
“Stability is so full of Skills and Scriptures to self-regulate when life brings difficulties. It is so good to be Free and Empowered from our past. Rewrite is such deep work; addressing generational curses before birth up to the present time. Such a gentle journey together in Community, as we re-integrated the exiled parts of ourselves, with the Lord Jesus’ help. The pacing was good. Depending on the trauma history, some people may require more time. It’s wonderful to have the option to repeat any area, as needed.”
– Ashley R. California
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A huge part of the Hearts Returning Home Journey is the incredible community fostered within our group. So many women, just like Rachel, feel like they do not belong anywhere. God has called us worthy and called us loved. She grew so deeply in her relationship with Jesus, herself, and her relationships became stable and loving. She is such a treasure!!
“God is showing me that I'm not alone & not the only one, and that I can belong somewhere. I believe He has increased my territory to reach & help others with similar stories. In the 8 different topics of stability, I've learned that He is in each area & wants us to be stable & be in peace. I'm lighter & freer as I continue to learn & grow. He has used the team to show me things, encourage me, & remove barriers along the way.”
– Rachel C. Pennsylvania
The Hearts Returning Home Journey is so much more than a course. You will experience passionate community with intense skill building in our coaching groups, prayer groups, healing encounters with the Lord, and life transforming Bible studies.
If these powerful testimonies have not convinced you of the miracles happening to women within this course... I have so much more to share with you
Here's What I Can Guarantee for you

This is my best program so far.

The ground-breaking Faith, Fire and Psychology
 Method is incredibly valuable and is changing women’s lives across the WORLD. The vital information — and all information — to embrace wholeness and launch into your heavenly purpose is right here.

I won't hold back anything in the class. I want you to be fully restored and I am passionate about releasing your inner fire and breaking those toxic shame cycles for good.

Every single word from God, every therapeutic technique, every encounter with God, every strategy that has worked for each of my students is revealed and explained in detail so you can begin transforming your life, with a community of Jesus Fire Girls of all ages by your side.

As a Licensed Psychologist, Life Coach, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Trauma Specialist, and Ordained Christian Minister, I have been incredibly blessed to witness women make these powerful transformations every day. You really can have the life you dream of! Every woman has God-whispered desires aching to be fulfilled. What’s more, the world is aching for women to fulfill those desires and uncover their unique fire-filled gifts!
With all of this being said…
I've decided to draw the curtains and reveal EVERYTHING.
I want you to understand why women are moving into savage stability, gaining fierce fire, enjoying improved relationships, and releasing toxic shame. I want you in on this!
Here is just a taste of what is covered each week in the Hearts Returning Home Stability class
Stability Week 1:
Savage Safety

  • Discover who is safe in your life?
  • Gain tools for more consistent belonging
  • Develop a personal plan for safety and thriving
  • Rid your life of energy drainers
  • Find and increase life-giving activities
  • Walk in more security, internally
  • And much more! (109 skills in the Class!)
Once my Coaches and I have mapped out your roadmap for success & finding inevitable safety and opportunities to thrive… We will begin introducing Dr. Barbara’s groundbreaking skills to put the plan into action in your life
Stability Week 2:
Savage Mental Stability

  • Understand and Overcome Mind Triggers
  • Understand and use the Zone of Tolerance for emotional and mental stability
  • Wield the Christian Wise-mind Emotional Tool
  • Discover Logical Mind & God's Mind
  • Comfort your emotions with the Emotion Validation Tool
  • Free your soul form worry with Dr. Barbara's "Vaycay" Tool™
  • Overcome anxiety with Dr. Barbara's Bird's Nest Tool™
  • Gain tools for enjoying your mind
The next week we will begin to incorporate some psychological theories such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Stability Week 3:
Savage Mental Stability
Part 2

  • Map out your plan for freedom from anxious thoughts
  • Reframe your mind and thought processes
  • Incorporate and Utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectic Behavioral Techniques
  • Achieve clarity in your thinking and emotions, unimpacted by the actions of others
  • Advance your emotional regulation and personal coping strategies
Then I begin the work of helping you understand your inner emotions and being able to regulate them with healthy mechanisms
Stability Week 4:
Savage Emotional

  • Enjoy creating opposite emotions
  • Practice Declarations with an Emotion Validation Tool
  • Receive more of God's Love in a real way that you can feel
  • Enhance self-love by working on Becoming Your Own Best Friend through Thoughts and Actions
  • Go deeper into safety using the Kind Eyes tool
  • Wield the Changing Atmospheres Technique
Next, I move into working on habits and behaviors! You will gain critical boundary tools as well understanding motivation
Stability Week 5:
Savage Behavioral Stability

  • Replace unhealthy behavior with constructive freedom techniques
  • Decode Unhealthy Functions of Behaviors
  • Understand and use Right Motivations
  • Walk in Love, Faith, Obedience & Purpose
  • Set and maintain Boundaries with the Self
  • Use the powerful Behavior Chain Analysis (BCA) tool
  • Replace Unhelpful Behaviors with life-giving strategies
  • Understand yourself more as you walk in victory over unhelpful behaviors
Then we will take a week to examine how these traumas, negative emotion cycles, and anxious thoughts can affect the body & nervous system
Stability Week 6:
Savage Nervous System/Body Stability

  • Understand your Zone of Tolerance
  • Use techniques for “grounding” when you feel out of body
  • Gain freedom through several Breathing Tools
  • Learn about your body’s personal Response Cycle to threat 
  • Enjoy the Body Soothing tool
  • Understand how your nervous system works and how to calm your body and soul
During the entire course we will be intertwining faith based skills but during this week, you will understand how important Spiritual Practices are in reaching wholeness and savage stability
Stability Week 7:
Savage Spiritual Stability

  • Invest in Spiritual Journaling/Dual Entry Journaling
  • Practice Hearing from God with Clarity
  • Soften into greater peace and allow gain secrets to greater joy in Him
  • Expand your personal window of tolerance
  • Rest in the comfort in the scriptures in a new way
  • Self-sooth with Dr. Barbara's trademarked tool Self-Momming
A key part of our savage stability is the healthy secure relationships we have, this week will dive deeper into how we can cultivate safe connections
Stability Week 8:
Savage Relationship Stability

  • Use Dr Barbara's "Sticky Note Therapy" Tool for improved relationships
  • Learn to Stay Off the Triangle of Pain in relationships
  • Welcome Jesus into Every Part of Self in a powerful new way that uses faith and psychology
  • Understand how to relate to others in more peaceful, less triggered ways
  • Reduce  relational triggers
Can you believe all of that is just the first part of the Journey? You will get to experience the following stages of Rewrite, Restore, Relate, Launch and Lead
Unlike other courses, this is a complete step-by-step personalized coaching course that covers every single aspect of you regaining stability, working through traumas, and experiencing the Holy spirit in a whole new way. I reveal every single secret, every tool and every technique that works for me and for all my students.
Here is how your course material will be delivered each week
  • (3) 15 minute step-by-step online training videos will be delivered to you weekly through our easy to use course portal, guiding you through a journey of mind and heart stability and empowerment
  • Printable skill building “Heart Sheet” worksheets guiding you through transformation exercises you learn in the videos will be delivered to you weekly through our easy to use course portal
  • You will have continued access to our exclusive (private) warm & loving Hearts Returning Home Facebook Community
  • You will have weekly exclusive access to online Heart Coaches who will be praying for you daily, and meeting with you in online coaching groups to support your content application
  • You will have access to more Hearts Returning Home Journey classes after you complete the first class.
  • You will have access to special online meetings with Dr Barbara that are exclusive to HRH Journeyers
  • You will have access to special products and opportunities with Dr Barbara  and the HRH Heart Coaches that are exclusive to HRH Journeyers
If you know anything about me, you know that I always over-deliver.
So, it gets even better than that. I’m also giving you 10 free bonuses worth over $2300 as a welcome gift.
Here are the bonuses I am giving you for free
Over $2300 Worth of Bonuses
  • Free bonus # 1 Will help you grow spiritually and enjoy safe community
    • Access to LIVE faith + psychology Bible Studies 3xs a month with Dr. Barbara! worth $100/month
  • Free bonus # 2 Will help you grow spiritually and heal
    • Access to Dr. Barbara's extensive Bible Studies library compare to programs worth $2000
  • Free bonus # 3 Will help you with moving out of rejection
    • Mini Course “How to Move from Outcast to God’s Next Big Thing!” worth $100
  • Free bonus # 4 Will help you gain skills to reign in life worth $2000
    • Immediate access to exclusive Dr. Barbara Lowe psychological video trainings within the Bible Study Vault
  • Free bonus # 5 Will empower you into confidence
    • Mini Course “Moving from Imposter to Empowered” worth $100
  • Free bonus # 6 Will help you with feeling more belonging
    • Guided Meditation: Experiencing More Love and Belonging Now worth $35
  • Free bonus # 7 Will release MIRACLES into your life
    • Access to weekly support prayer groups twice a week priceless
  • Free bonus # 8 Will help you feel good in your own skin
    • Guided Meditation: Finding a Safe Home Within Your Heart worth $35
  • Free bonus # 9 Will help you grow into WHOLENESS worth $100
    • Access to special meetings and "office hours" with Dr. Barbara not found elsewhere 
  • Free bonus # 10 Will help you with feeling more belonging all the pay back into your timeline
    • Guided Meditation: Birthed Into A Life of Love and Belonging worth $35
Here’s what to do next
These free bonuses will help you grow into wholeness of mind, but also in your felt sense of belonging, emotional completeness, and the fruit of joy, peace, and fiery contentment.
The free bonuses alone will transform your life and you’ll have what you need to walk in wholeness and move out of endless crises to peaceful and fiery joy!!
Imaging moving beyond the painful crisis cycle to belonging, savage stability, wholeness & purpose!  Imagine emotional wholeness, metal clarity, relational stability and savage inner security.
You can have all this by joining the Hearts Returning Home Journey for a one-time payment of only $150, and then 100 a month.
This is an investment.
You will move you beyond the rejection and hurt savage stability, wholeness & purpose! Imagine feeling truly good in your skin and walking in savage inner security....that’s priceless.
The growth and freedom you will experience from just the first class of the Journey, "Stability" will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

All I need from you is to click on the button under this video and sign up for my Hearts Returning Home Journey. (We take credit cards!)
By joining, you are helping to contribute to the endeavors of Dr Barbara Ministries,
and feeding the families who serve in the ministry.
Here's What Happens After You Join
As soon as you’ve signed up for Hearts Returning Home: Stability (the first class in the Journey), you’ll get instant access to the member area where you can set up your own username and password.
And of course you’ll receive the $2300 worth of free bonuses right away. I’ll also send you an onboarding email with all the access details and links.
Once the official sign up-email is sent to you, you will receive access to orientation video and a Google Form to complete.
You will receive this right away
  • Access to the Course Portal IMMEDIATELY
  • Access to prayer groups and bible studies IMMEDIATELY
  • Access to Facebook community IMMEDIATELY
  • Access to 2 FREE bonus Mini-Courses IMMEDIATELY
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And Shortly thereafter, you will receive
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And as you Journey through the HRH Classes you will receive
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  • As much healing and wholesness as your heart desires!
That means right away you get access to over 100 hours of video bible studies and faith plus psychology exclusive trainings that you can access 24/7 from your Whole Hearted Women member area.

Then coursework will drop every week, on Tuesdays. I will email you weekly about course drops. (We are great communicators through email.)
And don’t worry, everything is broken down into small, bite-size chunks that are not overwhelming, but just right for women with things to do!
The women of the world have been emailing me day and night about this, interest has never been higher. Women are ready for the change this journey brings. And that’s why I need you to pay attention to this next part carefully.
Extremely Limited Spots Available!!
Time and personnel are huge factors.

As much as I’d love to help everyone launch into their full purpose and enter into savage stability using the Faith, Fire and Psychology Method. I simply can’t accept more than a handful of students at a time. I have learned that we must support our students well, and that takes time and staffing. SO my team has limited how many students can come in at a time.
I like to keep my courses small and intimate so I can make sure everyone gets results and the one-on-one time you need. Because of this, I’m only accepting a small number or students. I am trying to take as many as I can.
In addition, the course is going to start very soon, so time is a factor.
Once the countdown timer on this page hits zero, registration will close and the course will start a few days later. But it might sell out much earlier because interest is so high and seats are limited.

There are over 1,200 people on the early-bird waiting list.
And another 20,000 people on Facebook and Instagram who have been waiting for this course to launch.
So if you’re truly interested in gaining the exclusive tools from the Faith, Fire and Psychology Method that will propel you into belonging, wholeness, and breaking free from toxic cycles, you have to act as soon as possible before someone else gets your spot and transforms their life.
Spots are granted on a first- come, first served basis.
I cannot wait for you to join the many hundreds of women who have already been transformed by the Journey!