Find Stability, Experience Healing and Master the Skills for Living from Your Full Heart
You can have what you didn’t get in childhood.  Your longings can be fulfilled.
A Message from Dr. Barbara

You want to feel like you belong somewhere.  That your heart is whole and peaceful again.

But you are lacking the words to describe what you’re feeling.

It’s just…..empty.

Are you exhausted by the cycle?

Clarifying these thoughts and clearing your heart and mind of past traumas will bring you confidence, peace and assurance unlike any you have felt your entire life.

Are you ready to feel better in all ways?

Keep reading…..

You Can Overcome This Cycle
Are your relationships shallow or troubled?

Did you grow up in an unhealthy home environment?


Are you often drowning in overwhelm?
If you are an adult who grew up in a dysfunctional family, you might be:
  • Studying people around you to figure out how you are supposed to be

  • Comparing yourself to everyone else

  • Feeling lost, like you don't belong

  • Worrying you will also be a "mean mommy" to your kids
These feelings and patterns can be changed.  

Learn why my unique combination of faith and cutting edge therapy can help you break the cycle once and for all.

Friend, you can end these cycles.

Maybe you’ve tried different counselors or even churches or bible study groups but still, you feel stuck and hopeless.

You are missing the essential steps to eliminating these cycles once and for all.


A proven faith + therapy based program for those in bondage to childhood wounds and life traumas

The Hearts Returning Home Program includes:

  • A step-by-step video training guiding you through a journey to heal your heart from childhood wounds and past traumas

  • Printable worksheets guiding you through healing and transformative exercises you learn in the videos.

  • Create almost immediate safety and stability in your life so you can escape the destructive cycles

  • Learn to satisfy your unmet childhood needs

  • Heal from past traumas with my unique time reverse trauma method

  • Establish healthy boundaries

  • Find forgiveness

  • Learn how to launch in to the future with a new strength and purpose
Meet the creator, Dr. Barbara Lowe
Hello Friends,
As a licensed psychologist and founder and owner of a psychological practice that has waiting lists of women like you, I knew there had to be a better way to get these programs to more people who need them immediately.

In Hearts Returning Home, I share the methods and techniques I've refined after years of working with hundreds of women like you.

None of us are given a life free of pain and suffering, and I am no exception to this rule. Challenges and scars are what make us human, but with hard work, faith, and unconditional love pushing us forward, we can turn our challenges into positive change, and turn our scars into superpowers. When I discovered that I could turn my broken times into tools for living a whole life, I knew that I could no longer be content letting other women stay in the shadows of their own pain. I knew that my life’s work was to bring those women into the light so that they could embrace their fully fabulous and beautifully flawed selves.

As a psychologist, life coach, and somatic experiencing practitioner, I have been fortunate to  witness women make these powerful transformations every day. My work inspires hope: yes, you really can have a different life! Every woman has innate desires aching to be fulfilled. What’s more, the world is aching for women to fulfill those desires and uncover their unique gifts.

Perhaps my most powerful message is that it is okay to be flawed and that, in fact, it is our flaws that make us fabulous. Whatever form the fire in a woman’s life has taken - loss, trauma, deep disappointment, rejection, or neglect - I fully believe in her ability to rise through the ashes and be reborn. 
What Dr. Barbara's Clients are Saying
"Dr. Barbara is warm, generous and motherly.  Her enthusiasm and conviction are compelling and an inspiration.  She is able to hold the space for a person to pull themselves through a dark night of the soul.  After my last conversation with her, I felt comforted and supported--the gift of her confidence in me helped me dig up my own in a time of pervasive fear and uncertainty."
"Dr. Barbara is simply the best...She always makes you feel welcome, listened to, and cared for. At the same time, she's not afraid to give honest advice. When you meet with Dr. Barbara, you know that she truly cares about the well being of all of her patients.... In short, I cannot recommend Dr. Barbara highly enough!"
"Dr. Barbara was an absolute delight to work with! She's personable, intentional, and really does believe in you! She sees the gold in you and calls it out! Her techniques and style of coaching allowed me to see various issues for different points of view and to be able to overcome stressful situations. She really helped me center myself and become much more aware of how my body physically responds to different encounters. She is a joy to work with and truly loves what she does! She has truly changed my life!"
The  Hearts Returning Home Program includes 10 Video Modules and over 30 supporting worksheets including:
VIDEO 1:  Creating Safety and Stability
VIDEO 2: Increasing Safety and Stability
VIDEO 3: Eliminate and Modify Unhelpful Behaviors
VIDEO 4: Re-script The Story of Your Hurt
VIDEO 5:  Satisfy Unmet Needs
VIDEO 6:  Time Reverse Trauma
VIDEO 7:  Repair Boundary Ruptures
VIDEO 8:  Unburden From Resentments
VIDEO 9:  Yielding to Goodness
VIDEO 10:  Finding and Enjoying Your Purpose
Accessible from computer or mobile devices.
Receive 3 Additional Guided Meditations to help you stay calm, centered and focused on your growth and recovery.
  • 30
  • 15
  • 24
  • 26
10 Video Teaching Modules
Over 6 hours of training from licensed psychologist -  Valued at over $1200
Over 20 printable worksheet exercises
10 Guided meditations that heal, soothe and transform your heart and mind
Self-Paced, Do at your speed and time
​​​​​​​Lifetime Access
  1. How long do I have to watch the videos?
You will always have access to the videos.
2. How do I access the program?
You will receive an email with login details after purchase. From there, you will be able to log in and go through the program at your own pace from anywhere and on any device.
3. Does this program address Addictions?
The Hearts Returning Home Course does help you to establish more safety and stability, eliminate unwanted behaviors, and work through the trauma, stuck places for your past, and unmet needs that are often under addiction. However, that HRJ Course is not considers a first line course on addiction.
4. Does the HRH Course address Rape?
Yes, the Hearts Returning Home Course will take you through establishing more safety and stability to prepare you healing where there has been any sexual assault. The Time Reversing Trauma and the Repairing Boundary Ruptures modules are particularly salient to sexual assault recovery.
5. Does the HRD Course address Divorce? 
Yes, the Hearts Returning Home Course  addresses all the losses, unmet needs, and big “T” and little “t” traumas and emotional stuck places in the time line of your life.
6. What if I do not think I have big traumas in my past? Will this program still help me? 
Yes! This program is designed to identify scripts and themes of dysfunction, hurt, and unmet needs that are both subtle and obvious. We all have unsettling situations or interactions that are impacting our present situation, and clearing away both large and small debris impacts our present and helps us glide into more goal attainment in every life domain.
7. How much time do I need to invest in this?
You can invest in as much or as little into this course as you would like. The course it self is 10 modules, with each module lasting approximately 45 minutes to an hour. To get the most out of the course, you will want to send 30 minutes to several hours on course work per module. Some modules ask for more time that others.
8. I’m still in the midst of my trauma. Should I do this program now? 
Yes, but you may want to spend more time in the first 3 modules, working to establish and increase safety and stability in your life.
9. Can I use this in conjunction with my local in person therapist? 

Absolutely! This program encourages outside supports, including the possibility of work with a therapist or psychologist.
10. Can I have private 1-on-1 sessions with Dr. Barbara?
Yes, Dr Barbara offers intensives in Durham, NC, where you will be scheduled for extensive sessions with Dr Barbara over several days. You can sign up for an intensive at or by emailing to
11. How Do I Get Started? 
You can join here at this link.
12. Where can I sign up? 
You can join here at this link and have immediate access.
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